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APR 18 THURS  |  8 PM  |  Moxi Theater  |  Greeley, CO

APR 19 FRI  |  5 PM  |  FoCoMx  |  Downtown Fort Collins, CO

JUNE 1 SAT  |  TBD  |  Schmiggity's  |  Steamboat Springs, CO

Finding a most unique sound within a lyricism of the soul and an instrumentation deemed one-of-a-kind, the band – stemmed out of the shared musical passion and friendship of Makenzie Willox (lead vocalist

and guitar) and Zak Thrall (banjo) – seeks to enrich themselves and their listeners through a soundful

road trip rooted in Colorado peaks and ending in the diverse landscapes of Texas.

~ Music Mecca, Online Music Publication August 2021

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